Opinion: Small steps to weight loss

Lyndsey Schley

Lyndsey Schley

Lyndsey Schley is a sophomore news major and columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected].

When I started my last year of high school, I was 185 pounds. Now, in my sophomore year of college, I have maintained my target weight of 150 pounds for more than a month. Losing weight is not easy, but there are little things you can do to keep yourself on track.

First of all, remember that losing weight is about healthy lifestyle choices, not dieting. If you diet, then go back to eating just as you had before losing the weight, you will only gain it back. Remember that these changes are going to be long-term.

Also, make sure your changes are manageable. If you like chocolate, do not cut out all chocolate from your diet; just cut back your portions. For example, have a fun-size Hershey’s bar instead of the whole thing. This will help keep you from having the severe cravings that can make weight loss unbearable.

Also, generally cutting back your portions is a great way to start. Do this in baby steps. If you find you are still hungry, fill up on low-calorie, filling snacks such as rice cakes. Furthermore, remember to eat until you are satisfied, not until you are full. You do not need to eat that much, and it will only make you feel lazy and uncomfortable.

Some foods have surprisingly high calorie counts, so be conscious of what you eat and check the nutrition facts. Also, using a website or calorie-counting app can be a huge help. It really helped me get into perspective what kinds of calories were in the food I was eating, and it was crucial in losing those last stubborn pounds.

Sometimes, weight loss hits a lull, and it is easy to get discouraged. When this happens, do something to make yourself feel attractive and confident. I got a haircut when I hit my low point. I got a lot of compliments from my friends, and this gave me a real confidence boost. I was able to ride out that feeling until my weight loss picked up again.

Also, remember, you are going to have days when you cheat, and that is okay. Just remember to limit yourself. You can have one or two days every once in a while in which you do not worry about your calorie count, but start checking yourself when you get to day three.

Lastly, remember that the reward is worth the work. You’ll feel healthier, and nothing can top the feeling of fitting for the first time into a size you never thought you could wear. The people you see every day may not notice, simply because weight loss is gradual, but when someone you haven’t seen for a while sees you and they exclaim how thin you’ve gotten, you will feel great.

Losing weight is not easy, but simple gradual steps can help make the process work for you. Stay focused, stay confident and remember that you can achieve anything with hard work.