Letter to the Editor: Oct. 12, 2012

Patricia Marthey

Sex is a serious topic in college, and some people come to college without ever being exposed to the topic.

Parents should have to talk to their children about sex before they go to college. Preferably, parents should talk to their children about it around their freshman year of high school to help avoid unplanned fights. Sex may be a touchy and awkward subject to address as parents, but the issue must be confronted to avoid children going off to college and getting into trouble because they were not educated.

This simple five- to 10-minute talk can make the children feel more at ease and more sure of themselves. This talk may not always go as planned, but it has to be done. It could open up a line of communication between students and parents that may not be opened otherwise. STDs and unplanned pregnancy may also be prevented simply by talking. Parents need to understand what their children are doing and may be able to provide them with the certainty that sex is normal and to stay protected.

The talk should be a normal part of the transition of life and can improve communication and help avoid fights, STDs and unplanned pregnancy.

– Patricia Marthey, freshman public health major