Opinion: With ‘Breaking Bad,’ TV has peaked

Jake Crissman

Jake Crissman

Jake Crissman is a sophomore English major and columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected].

In all my years of watching television, I have not seen a finer show than that of AMC’s “Breaking Bad.” It is the greatest show of all time, plain and simple. There has never been a show as good, and there never will be.

We all might as well unplug our TV sets for good after the series finale next summer.

In case you have no clue what the hell I’m talking about, “Breaking Bad” is the story of mild-mannered high school chemistry teacher Walter White. When he receives a terminal cancer diagnosis around the time of his 50th birthday, he feels that its time to start making some serious money to leave behind for his family once he is gone. So he decides to start cooking crystal meth with a former student of his.

The show is driven by the downward spiral of Walt’s character arc as he goes from a naïve old man to a ruthless drug lord.

Over five seasons, Walt has been mercilessly building his meth empire under the pseudonym of “Heisenberg.” When he puts on his fedora and sunglasses he becomes this alter ego, and that’s when you know some shit is about to go down.

Walt is played by Bryan Cranston. Wait, isn’t that the silly dad from “Malcolm in the Middle”? Why, yes, as a matter of fact, and oh my goodness, he sure can act. Cranston’s performance is what drives the show and makes it what it is. His chilling portrayal of Walter White is so good that in every episode you are left with your jaw on the floor from something that he has done or said.

Now is the perfect time to catch up for the sure-to-be-epic conclusion of “Breaking Bad.” If you are skeptical about watching it, then allow me to put your doubts to rest.

My brother had tried to get me into it a couple years back. I was a huge “Dexter” fan and didn’t think that anything could be as good as it, so naturally I didn’t really want to get into a whole new series that I felt would be subpar. I watched the first episode and wasn’t that impressed, so I just didn’t watch anymore.

At the beginning of this summer, he got me to start watching it again by promising that it really is that good, it would totally be worth it and I should catch up for the start of season five in July. So I watched the first episode again, and I thought that it wasn’t that bad this time around. Then I watched a few more episodes and thought, “All right, this is pretty good.” Then, much like Walter White’s customers, I was hooked. I watched the first three seasons – all that Netflix had at the time – in a matter of weeks, then scoured the internet for season four and knocked that out in five or six days.

So take it from me, “Breaking Bad” is the greatest show that you will ever have the privilege to see. Don’t wait for years to pass before you finally pick it up. Enjoy the fantastically turbulent ride now, with the rest of us, and tune in to see how it all will end.