Our View: The Province doing its best to make amends

DKS Editors

Everybody makes mistakes. One such mistake was The Province offering leases to students before the complex was built.

Many students took a gamble and signed leases based on floor plans and renderings without quite knowing what the apartment would look like when they finally came into existence.

Getting moved into a new place can be stressful, especially when moving in only a few days before classes begin. For students who were supposed to move into breezeways L, M, N and O at The Province, it was much more stressful.

The good news is that The Province seems to be taking care of those students who were not able to move into their new temporary homes.

The Province has done its best to compensate students for the inconvenience of not having their apartments ready. According to an email sent to the affected students, they would not have to pay rent for August — $565 to $715, depending on how many bedrooms their apartments have — and they had a choice between staying in a hotel and commuting. Students are also getting $20 per day in FlashCash for meals.

The Province paid for the hotel rooms and storage units until the students’ apartments are ready. The Province also has arranged for bus transportation to and from campus for students living in hotels. For those who chose to commute, The Province credited their account $40 per school day to offset commuting costs.

While The Province shouldn’t have leased apartments with the possibility that they wouldn’t be available at the start of the semester, it seems that the affected students are being compensated fairly.

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