OPINION: The importance of small things

We as people conduct very busy lives; we always have some sort of task in front of us. We get so caught up in our everyday lives we don’t take the time to appreciate or enjoy the small things that are present. For example, going to get ice cream and loading on all of your favorite toppings. At that moment you are able to forget about the stressors of life and enjoy eating a sweet treat. Or having an off-day of work. Those days are the most special; you can relax and binge-watch television or sleep in or even go on a walk around your neighborhood.

The small things in life that we should appreciate are always looked over; they’re underappreciated. But we’re human and it happens. When you have the time to enjoy simple and small things, take full advantage of it. Life is like a roller coaster at times, going up and down, side to side. At most times it’s hard to look at things like off-days from work or ice cream as something to appreciate. 

Take some time to examine your everyday life and go through the small things in your life that you look over. Whether it’s grabbing a Starbucks drink and getting a venti size instead of a grande size. Or grabbing a pink cake pop to go along with your drink. It is in those moments that you tend to forget what may be worrying you. It is in those moments that you should savor that enjoyable feeling and hold onto it. 

Being in the middle of a pandemic and having your life and schedule turned around abruptly would bring anyone stress or worry. The life of a human being is a tough one. Now yes, we have good days, we have fun and we enjoy our families and friends. But life, in general, is indeed stressful. So, any little enjoyment that you’re able to have, go for it. Savor it. Hold onto it. Remember it. There is such beauty in simplicity and in the small things in life. You just have to look at it from a different angle.

That feeling that we get when you are enjoying a small thing is hope for our future. It gives us the motivation to keep going and to look at the bright side of life. It brings a sense of security and wholeness in our lives, often right when we need it the most.

London Green is an opinion writer. Contact her at [email protected]. 


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