Opinion: Skin cancer on the rise for American youth



Hank Venetta

This is one piece of evidence alongside a variety of other studies done across the states that supports the same conclusion. Apparently, we’re going to tanning salons a bit too much, and more people are getting melanoma as a result. Is this a national epidemic? Maybe. I’m certainly not going to jump to that conclusion, although I’m certain there’s been an increase in melanoma, and I was wondering when I was going to hear something.

I’m not blind when I walk around on campus. I noticed a lot of people with great tans during the winter, and I always thought they were increasing over the years. A fad’s a fad. Everyone on TV is so bright and shiny I have to wear sunglasses while watching it.

I’m not going to waste time discussing how tanning salons are bad for you. Look it up yourself. I’m also not going to judge. Going to Bahama Bodies in moderation is probably not a big deal, but keep in mind the risk of skin cancer goes up every time you are exposed to those light bulbs.

And when you plan on being outside for a while, put on some sunscreen.

I was going to write a hilarious joke about Ohio and how there’s no reason for sunscreen, but I bet you’ve already heard it before.

It would have sarcastically said how only a total dope would buy sunscreen in Ohio, and you would have laughed because you live here and know Ohio weather is lame, and it’d be such a waste of money to buy something for sun protection because there is no sun! Haha, what a moron for getting sunscreen … in Ohio!

He must not live around here, or maybe he meant to purchase “cloudscreen!” Haha. It’s funny because it’s true. The joke would have been so funny.