Guest Column: My last College Fest

Brian Goudy

As a senior communications major here at Kent State, I was disappointed that ignorant

“”>acts of violence by a select few ruined what was previously a fun and safe party for many.

Many students claim that the police are in large part responsible for the violence, but I would strongly disagree with that assessment. Even before there was any major police action, fights were breaking out between people who clearly couldn’t handle their alcohol, and idiots were throwing bottles in a dangerously moronic attempt to seem cool.

These people need to grow up and realize that their actions led to several innocent people getting hurt. My friend and I personally had to drag a girl off the street who got hit in the head by a random bottle, so that she would not get trampled when everyone ran from the tear gas.

We need to stop using destruction and violence as the measurement of a good party. Think about it … wouldn’t a peaceful College Fest that lasted from the morning late into the night without getting broken up be better than a half-day of partying ending in tear gas and arrests?

I think so, but hey, I enjoy drinking beer and having a good time with my friends more than getting shot at, weird right?