Letter to the editor, April 19

Ashley Sroka

I am writing in regards to your two front-page features from Tuesday’s Daily Kent Stater, specifically the two articles written about historic preservation.

Of every article I have read in four years as a Kent State student, this has personally been my favorite, as well as the most helpful. Recently, I have discovered that I have a huge passion for history.

I changed my major from early childhood education to educational studies and in so doing, made the decision to declare a history minor. Also as of recent, I’ve discovered an enormous love for 19th and early 20th century architecture.

As my spring graduation approaches, I’ve spent the past two semesters asking myself what I would do with by combined degree. A hometown mentor suggested I look into doing historic preservation for the state.

Since then, the idea has been on the back burner of my mind, along with a few others in regards to public history. Before this suggestion, I had no idea that the career of preservation even existed.

Most definitely, I had no idea the amount of work that goes into dealing with older buildings. Reading your articles has not only sparked my historical passion for the day, but has further enlightened and interested me in pursuing the career upon graduation.

I’m sure others would agree that in today’s society, small, lesser known jobs are typically overlooked by higher end, money-making jobs.

Subsequently, the responsibilities of smaller jobs, such as those required to preserve a historical structure, are also overlooked. I appreciate you featuring such a topic that is personally close to me, as well as applicable to current students and Kent residents, who are curious as to what that “big, old eyesore” in downtown is or was and what’s being done to it.

With enormous thanks,

—Ashley Sroka