Our View: Our top picks of Internet pranks

DKS Editors

While amateurs were wrapping cars, doorways and toilets in plastic wrap, Google, YouTube and the BBC were fooling thousands with more complicated antics this April Fools’ Day.

Imagine a meeting between these and other powerhouse websites, in which they gathered their plots to grind our gears, or simply make us a chuckle. We’re not sure which of the two effects was more rewarding, but we were grinding and chuckling at the same time, regardless.

Here are a few of our favorites from yesterday:

BBC’s account of the Earth exploding

A little snippet of its news bulletin insists: “The Earth has exploded. It happened suddenly. There were no survivors.” Yes, it’s kind of lame, but just think of that small group of people whose hearts dropped just a smidge upon reading this.

Kodak’s kitten printing system

“Select a breed … wait 90 seconds … and fall in love.” If only this were a real product, the world would be graced with so many more crazy cat ladies roaming malls with a slew of bags and the aroma of cat pee.

Reddit’s timeline dating to the end of time, which sits somewhere after 42000 AD

Skip ahead to 2015 when Ron Paul is president and “has revoked our right to vote,” or to 9000 where a McDonalds hamburger and fries hasn’t decomposed from 6,992 years ago; or just go straight to the end of time when we finally capture Kony.

YouTube’s $2.2 million collection of 442,956 DVDs

You don’t need an Internet connection to watch endless YouTube videos anymore. Just buy the set and enjoy every single video ever uploaded. There’s even an “Order Now” button. We’ve already ordered our collections, have you?

Google Maps’ 8-bit option

Choose your quest and explore a video game version of our world. You may even lose a few hours of your day searching for the Loch Ness monster, a Yeti in Mount Everest, the pyramids in Egypt and so much more. But unless you know your geography, you’re screwed.

The above editorial is the consensus opinion of the Daily Kent Stater editorial board.