Opinion: Finally, justice for Trayvon



Bruce Walton

Bruce Walton

Bruce Walton is a freshman news major and columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected].

Wednesday, a Florida prosecutor finally filed charges against George Zimmerman for the shooting of Trayvon Martin. Finally. Fi-nal-ly. It has been 44 days since he shot an unarmed minor.

Why has this taken so long? Why were his attorneys leaving him? Why did he leave the state recently? I haven’t had an article about the Trayvon Martin case, and now I’ll have my say.

There are too many questions to be answered, so I will only talk about the topic of the arrest of George Zimmerman and its complete delay.

There was no reason, no true reason why Zimmerman was not charged earlier. The stand your ground law is a complete joke. It protects no one, and in many states like Florida, Texas and Georgia has at least doubled the cases of justifiable homicides.

May I first say that there is no such thing as a “justifiable homicide.” It is not something that is in my vocabulary, and shouldn’t be in yours. Furthermore, Zimmerman should not have been allowed to bring a gun while on watch: He was a volunteer of the neighborhood watch committee, not the neighborhood enforce committee. If I were in George Martin’s shoes, I would have begged to go to jail out of sheer guilt.

Now, see how strange it is that police officers let him go without questioning? See how strange it was that his attorneys keep switching out, and worse yet, recently have quit because they have not seen Zimmerman and have only spoken through texts and emails?

See how strange it is that Zimmerman has now left the state? He is now missing in action, probably out of fear for his life, but it still is a questionable thing.

But now, he has been charged with the death of Trayvon Martin. So what will the defenders of Trayvon do? They accomplished what we fought more than a month for.

Should the Trayvon Martin case-fighters keep going? Should they stand for his sentence? They wanted Zimmerman’s arrest, but what more do they want now that they have it?

I say we should still fight for Trayvon, fight for his full justice. I want Zimmerman and several police officers in jail for covering up or delaying evidence. But now we should just breathe a sigh of relief that Zimmerman has been charged for what he did, and the closure Martin’s family can now have.