Opinion: Spend time without your smartphone and other technological devices

Opinion: ‘X Factor’ is less than or equal to ‘American Idol’ (or one of those other singing shows)

Raytevia Evans

So because I’ve noticed a trend in my sleeping habits — waking up around 1 a.m. to check my phone for breaking news and new emails — for the past few nights I have left my phone charging in another room of my apartment, a suggestion I read in an online CNN story. This way, I don’t roll over in the middle of the night to find it obnoxiously blinking at me, begging for my attention. So far, it works; I don’t sleep through the night very often, so I still wake up, but I don’t have my smartphone on the pillow right next to me and I definitely don’t get out of my warm bed to get it from the next room.

Simply, spend time with people; you’ll find them to be much more interesting than the things they create and post online just to get attention. We’re humans and we have to have physical, face-to-face interactions with other humans; it’s just who we are. So if you find yourself cuddling with your iPad or buying a larger bed to make room for your laptop, I seriously suggest letting go of your obsession for a while.