Opinion: A very Kardashian wedding



Emily Perrott

A little more on Humphries: He sort of needed to butt out of Kim’s wedding planning. Whether it’s fair or not, the bride generally does the majority of the wedding planning, and I believe Humphries knew that. It seemed as if he just wanted to prove a point by forcing himself into the decision-making. I won’t even get into the fact that all of his ideas were pretty lame.

On to the bride. Now that I saw some of the options of dresses that designers drew up for her, I don’t agree with her dress decisions. I guess everyone has their own taste, but there were some gorgeous sketches drawn up for her. With that said, she was a sweet bride and did have the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever seen.

Also, I’m okay with Kim changing her last name to Humphries. Not necessarily because I think it’s right or wrong, but because that’s what she originally wanted to do. Kim’s head was in the right place at first, until her mother convinced her that it would be ridiculous to change her household last name.

Things almost got emotional when the soon-to-be-married Kim went to see her stepfather, Bruce Jenner, before the wedding. During his visit to Kent State, Jenner said that he had a speech ready to present to Kim about her father, how much he loves her and just some “good luck” words. Kim saw his face and knew she would cry, so Jenner was forced to find some other light-hearted words of encouragement.