Letter to the editor, October 17, 2011

Kyle Bond

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This is in response to the letter to the editor article in Thursday’s Daily Kent Stater. First I’ll begin with using Mr. Marhofer’s words of “Wow, where do I begin?” I will start off by saying that when I read Ms. Lee’s article a couple days ago, I was shocked. It’s not often you find right-winged support in the supposedly “unbiased” Kent Stater. I usually see gay marriage, anti-gun support and general liberal based thoughts in our PUBLIC UNIVERSITY newspaper. Even though I should know better, I saw that immediately after a comment was published in the paper about working hard instead of whining, someone had to write in and tell Lee that she was basically stupid for saying what she thought about the Occupy Wall Street protests.

I want to point out that in your article, Mr. Marhofer, in one sentence you tell Lee that she is wrong for thinking the protests have no “cohesive aim”. While in another sentence you mention that “you don’t know where this movement is heading.” You even go so far as to say “the anarchist in me is ecstatic at the chaos of that fact”. Excuse me and the “99 percent” that you talk about in your article, but I don’t think anarchy is what we need or want. It is actually funny to me, and I’m sure a lot of other people, that you say “What Lee fails to see is that is exactly what Occupy Wall Street is trying to manifest.” Please use your freedom of speech and tell us what they are trying to manifest Karch, because neither you nor I seem to know.

In regards to your comment about the farmers and factory workers, I think they would want to have the right to work and make money instead of what you proposed about anarchy. To go along with that statement, every farmer I have talked to, and believe me it’s more than Marhofer, have told me they support capitalism and want to work for the money they make, unlike what it seems about Marhofer and the rest of the protestors. I base this uncapitalistic remark on the fact that you basically say that the government should provide basic needs to the public. In my opinion, this is almost a textbook definition to socialism. Even though I am sure you want those big bad, hard working, educated, corporate CEO’s to pay for their crimes, socialism would be even worse for us Americans than your suggested anarchy. Instead of protesting outside of the place where people put in long hours at work and keep America the best nation in the world, maybe Marhofer and those people should get an education and stop expecting a handout.

Kyle Bond, junior technology major.