Opinion: Technology is not an excuse to be rude

Courtney Kerrigan

It’s just plain rude. Technology is not an excuse to turn into an asshole, and people don’t just disappear.

And no, I’m not using this as an outlet to rant about my experiences. I’ve never dealt with this nonsense but have plenty of friends who have and I’ve seen it firsthand.

I understand that whether you speak to the person face to face or send a quick text, you’re most likely to get the same negative response. It’s over with no maintained friendship. So why not take the chance of avoiding humiliation and save one person’s dignity (your own) rather than hurting both? Wrong.

A face-to-face interaction may deem you worthy of a continued friendship, that is, if you want it.

There’s nothing wrong with losing interest in a person after a few weeks. These are the times to test the waters. But why is it so difficult to pick up the phone or meet for coffee and agree to remain friends?

I understand that some people may be scared of commitment and run the second things start moving past text messages and onto (gasp!) phone calls, or are scared of hurting someone’s feelings. But just pick up the phone. You can count it as your good deed for the day.