Students fill the Ballroom to see Craig Robinson

Brittany Hill

During Craig Robinson’s sold-out comedy show on Thursday, the actor took some questions from the audience. After the show, the Daily Kent Stater sat down and asked him a few more.

Q: How was the show?

A: It was a lot fun. One of the things I want to do at every show is make a connection. Sometimes it’s a forced connection. Sometimes you’re really conscious of it. This one (at Kent State) just kind of happened, and I remember the first thing I started playing I was really excited because (the audience) clapped to the beat, and I wasn’t expecting that. I never get that.

Q: You’ve been with “The Office” since it started. What does that mean to you?

A: I love going to work. It’s my calling card. It’s gotten me famous. It’s gotten me well off. It’s a beautiful, beautiful experience and it’s my job. You’re blessed if you can be a part of something like this for so long.

Q: What similarities do you have to your character, Darryl?

A: I can be a little rough around the edges. I’m nice, you know, but Darryl is way more cynical, and he can be cold. I would go to this karaoke bar in my neighborhood in L.A. and I have a moniker. Monty they call me. I introduce myself as Monty. And the beauty of having an alias is that you can behave the way the alias would. I don’t feel the need to have to say goodbye to people. I just get up and leave. He’s really rude this Monty. I think Darryl and Monty might be similar in some ways, but Darryl can be silly and he cares about his work (like me).

Q: Were you disappointed when you found out that Darryl didn’t get to be manager?

A: No. I told people, “Do not hold your breath.” … I never thought for a second (he would be manager) — I mean, I imagined it. You kind of have to go “What if?” but I didn’t let that dance around too long.

Q: So what’s it like for you and the cast in the studio without Steve Carell?

A: It’s not that — well James Spader is there … so it’s not exactly the same, but it’s the same. It’s like the show must go on. It’s actually got a nice boost, a re-vamp, and they’re giving other people story lines. It’s working.

Q: Before you hit it big you were a music teacher, and now you’ve gotten to play music in “The Office,” several of your movies and your stand-up. What’s that like for you?

A: Music is my partner. It’s like being able to bring your partner along with you and show what makes you shine. It’s another blessing. It is what people want to see. They want to incorporate it.

Q: What would you say to students who are passionate and want to become a comedian or an actor?

A: I would say (you should) state what it is you’re going to do. State your goals to yourself. Say, “I am a great comedian. I am a great actor,” and keep your word. If you keep your word and you say you’re a great actor, then you have to become a great actor. You have to be that. Keep your word to yourself.

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