Opinion: Westboro Baptist Church planned to picket Steve Jobs’ funeral



Emily Perrott

One of the most ironic parts of the whole situation is that the Phelps family used their iPhones to tweet their plans to protest the funeral. They told the Washington Post that they see no irony at all in their usage of the iPhone (Jobs’ product) to send the message. That, alone, is unbelievable and hypocritical. The family supported the company of the man they supposedly despise.

A boy tweeted to a Phelps family member, “I love how you’re tweeting from a Mac.” She replied, “Me, too. =) We’re doing what Steve Jobs refused to do: use the resources God gave to publish His standards, the truth of God!” I’m not seeing their logic really adding up here.

Shirley Phelps tweeted, “Steve Jobs did NOT create anything-God used Steve Jobs to create amazing STUFF for WBC to preach like a mug! Jobs vainly imagined HE did it!” Right … God used Steve Jobs solely so your church can make an example of his death.

This all seems insane to me, but maybe I’m just not educated enough on the faith of the Westboro Baptist Church to judge. Their main belief is that God punishes America for its tolerance of sin, including those who accept homosexuality. On second thought, I think I know enough to disagree with their actions.

All Steve Jobs did was establish an unimaginable form of technology and bring it to real life. Almost every form of technology I use is by Apple and it’s done nothing but help me. This church is hurting more and more people as their escapades continue to bring negative attention to deaths of people who are changing the lives of Americans for the better.

Ready for the ringer? The Wall Street Journal reported that a private funeral took place on Oct. 7 for Steve Jobs. The plan was to avoid the Westboro Baptist Church’s plans to protest, and they’ve succeeded. Although there will be no public service, Apple plans to have a celebration of Job’s life for all Apple employees. Nice try, Westboro.