Opinion: The return of the Gleeks

Emily Perrott

Emily Perrott

Emily Perrott is a photojournalism and dance performance major. She is a columnist for the Daily Kent Stater.Contact her at [email protected].

The time has come for my favorite show to reconvene every Tuesday at 8 p.m. and I couldn’t be happier. Let’s talk a little bit about this week’s episode. All in all, I absolutely loved it.

I think it’s safe to say that one of the best parts about “Glee” is Sue Sylvester, the character played by the hilarious Jane Lynch. As always, she is trying to sabotage the glee club. This time, she’s running for office and trying to make a law to ban the arts from high schools.

Mr. Schuester isn’t playing Mr. Nice Guy anymore. I mainly prefer Will Schuester as the sensitive and talented guy, rather than the tough guy he’s trying to portray. With that said, he’s doing a decent job at being mean.

As for two of my favorites, Kurt and Rachel, their newfound best friendship is just fine with me. I love their camaraderie. By the way, did you all hear the shout out to Kent State? The school guidance counselor told the two aspiring performers to consider Kent State for musical theatre.

A finalist in the hit summer reality show “The Glee Project,” Lindsay Pearce, made an outstanding guest appearance and gave Rachel Berry a run for her money. I thoroughly enjoyed her performance.

Blaine, the Warbler, made a switch over to New Directions to be closer to Kurt. He gave a heart-melting performance to prove that he belongs in the glee club. Another new love: Mercedes and her boyfriend Marcus. He hasn’t done much yet, but I’m hoping Marcus and Mercedes bring a happy new relationship to the show.

The disappointing part about it all is that Mercedes was dating the cute blonde, Sam, over the summer, but he moved away. “Glee” lost a great cast mate with that one.

So far, I do not love Quinn’s switch over to the dark side. The cute, preppy cheerleader is now a hot pink-haired girl dressed in all black with her crew called “The Skanks.” I hope that she’ll return to the New Directions within the next few episodes.

As for another of my favorite characters, Brittany S. Pierce, she’s just as funny as ever. But besides that, her dancing is absolutely incredible. She was actually brought on to “Glee” to assist with choreography, but ended up making it onto the screen. Whenever possible, look for Brittany in the background, she’s always dancing her heart out and frankly, she rocks at it.

They tried a new female character, Sugar Motta, who I could have done without. She was a bit obnoxious and sort of gave off a less funny version of Brittany impression.

A few other things happened on the season premiere. Will kicked Santana out of the glee club and Lauren Zizes quit the club, and left her now ex-boyfriend, Noah Puckerman.

Will Mr. Schuester let Santana back in the club? Will Quinn go back to her old self to join her old friends again? Will Blaine fit in with the New Directions? We’ll find out Tuesday on “Glee.”