Our View: Mischief managed

DKS Editorial Board

Former Vice President Dick Cheney has been accused of trying to cause mischief for Democrats in the upcoming primary because of a recent praise he directed toward Secretary of State Hilary Rodham Clinton.

He said Clinton is one of the “most competent” members of the Obama administration. He also said it would be “interesting to speculate” how she might do as president, according to an Associated Press report.

It was clearly an off-the-cuff comment when Cheney suggested that Clinton should challenge Barack Obama in 2012, adding that he wouldn’t discourage a primary fight. This story has been posted by most major news organizations.

Cheney is like an ant that you step on that just keeps squirming. He’s poking fun to remind us that he still exists, and we fall right into his trap.

It’s comforting to know that making one ridiculous tongue-in-cheek comment is all it takes to get national attention.

On the other hand, why do we automatically assume that mischief is involved when someone is trying to complement Clinton? Maybe Cheney is just speaking his mind. Maybe he really believes in her. Or maybe he is just trying to be Dick and get himself some national media coverage.

Either way, we shouldn’t jump to conclusions whenever someone decides to say something nice about the secretary of state. Hilary’s husband appreciated the nice words but didn’t seem to be falling for Cheney’s shenanigans.

Bill Clinton said he is “gratified whenever anyone says anything nice” about his wife. But he recognizes that Cheney “is sowing discord among the opposition” and he said he didn’t want to help Cheney’s strategy succeed on CBS’ “Face the Nation”.

Well Cheney, we think it’s safe to say mischief managed.

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