Opinion: A dashing Kardashian finale

Emily Perrott

Emily Perrott

Emily Perrott is a columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected]

Like many people, I hate to love the Kardashians. They are three girls with a lot of money who got super-famous for not doing much of anything, but yet we love them. The family’s shows are undoubtedly entertaining and I find myself attached to them for whatever reason. I guess underneath it all, they aren’t bad people. They lead glamorous lives that kind of just appeared for them. They’d be crazy not to bask in the fame and fortune.

So, how about that two-part season finale? I’ll begin with the obvious: Kris Humphries. Frankly, I’m not in love with his personality, but I guess it’s what Kim Kardashian wants.

At first, he seemed to be trying too hard to fit in with the family by playing the “I’ll make fun of people and treat you like family so you like me” approach. It wasn’t working out in the beginning, but by wedding proposal time, everyone seemed to be on his team.

The night he intended to propose, he and Kim had a huge fight about her wanting to live in a more “upper-class” place in New York City instead of Humphries’ humble abode. I mainly take his side in the fight because Kim was being a tad materialistic. That part of her seems to freak Humphries out a little. Who could blame him?

The mother of the bride, Kris Jenner, was all ready for him to pop the question at the family dinner. Little did she know, Humphries didn’t feel right doing it after the fight they had on the way to meet the family.

In the next scene of the show, we saw bits of what the proposal would look like. I found the proposal to be sort of a letdown. The floor had the words “Will you marry me?” written in rose petals and Humphries was on one knee behind the words. It was very picturesque, but it lacked the true beauty that comes out of a really good marriage proposal. Kim read the words on the floor, Humphries quickly said, “Will you marry me?” and she said yes. There was a kiss and that was about it.

I was really hoping for some sort of speech or all the reasons he loves her and wants to marry her. Maybe my expectations for Humphries were just too high. Either way, they got engaged and all was well, until Humphries’ awkward sense of humor got in the way of things.

The freshly engaged couple went to the Jenner residence for a family barbeque and Kim gestured with her hand to flaunt the stunning diamond ring on her finger. At first, everyone was so excited, and then Humphries jokingly told everyone that the ring was fake and the engagement was a joke. Bad idea, Humphries. Confusion then struck everyone’s face as they all wondered what was going on and why they would make a joke of the engagement.

Kim finally said “bible,” which is what all of the Kardashian sisters say when they swear something is true. After that, everyone hugged and congratulated the couple. Just like we’d imagined, the two had a fairytale wedding … but will they live happily ever after? We’ll see.