Opinion: A shining star who got a shiner

Emily Perrott

Emily Perrott

Emily Perrott is a photojournalism and dance performance major. She is a columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected].

One of America’s favorite stars Reese Witherspoon took quite the hit recently in Santa Monica when an 84-year-old woman struck her with a vehicle at a pedestrian crosswalk while Witherspoon was jogging. I was incredibly nervous when I first got word of the accident, but luckily, Witherspoon had only minor injuries.

What were the actress’s injuries? Well, they look a lot worse than they really are. After going to the hospital and getting checked for serious head injuries, it appears as if she only got a serious black eye and a scrape on her forehead. Either way, it’s not the best look for Hollywood.

As for the 84-year-old woman who hit Witherspoon, she hasn’t driven since the accident. I’d just like to say that the woman couldn’t have picked a nicer actress to hit. Witherspoon isn’t pressing charges and isn’t making a big deal of the situation. The woman supposedly feels “awful” and is really trying to pull some attention toward the crosswalk. She thinks the crosswalk is a serious problem, and it is dangerous for pedestrians and drivers. I can’t imagine anyone arguing with her on that one.

In this case, the elderly woman is pretty lucky to only have been charged with failing to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk considering she hit Reese Witherspoon and all. Being the class act that she is, Witherspoon has been seen smiling and carrying on as happy as can be despite the shiner on her eye and bandage across her forehead.

With all of this said, are drivers becoming a greater threat to pedestrians? Nope. Statistics show that pedestrians are especially safe from drivers and that cars kill fewer people now than ever. Witherspoon might not agree with that one.

Either way, when all is said and done this case will probably end up bringing attention to those concerned about drivers vs. pedestrians. With all that’s happened, the main focus of this situation has been the safety of all pedestrians, not just the safety of one of the most beloved actresses in the country. I’m thinking some good is going to come out of Witherspoon’s hit.

How is the actress doing? She’s just fine. A source told UsMagazine.com that the actress was just really frightened by the incident. The source also told the website, “The odd thing about all of this is that Reese has always been very afraid of being hit by a car. It’s been an ongoing fear of hers. She is always the first person to pull people away from the edge of the curb.”

Nobody fear, Witherspoon isn’t letting the minor injuries hold her back a bit as she prepares for her upcoming film projects “This Means War” and “Mud.” I’m wishing one of my favorite actresses a speedy recovery. As for everybody else, yield for pedestrians. You never know if that pedestrian will be a Hollywood starlet.

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