Opinion: Tweeting into the limelight

Dylan Lusk

Dylan Lusk

Dylan Lusk is a junior electronic media production major and a columnist at the Daily Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected].

Twitter was once a respectable way to find out what your friends and idols were doing at any moment. But sadly enough, it is starting to become a boring publicity stunt.

Adam Levine of Maroon 5 seemed to be a little bit jealous of the stars being featured at MTV’s Video Music Awards this year.

Levine posted some harsh comments on Twitter towards the network and the awards show the day before the show. He called it “The one day a year when MTV pretends to still care about music.” Levine and his band were not nominated for a VMA this year and have not won since 2004, so it seems pretty safe to say that someone just wanted to be in the media frenzy surrounding the awards show.

I’m not saying that what he said about the network isn’t true. Everyone knows that already, though. How many times have you heard someone who thinks he’s funny spewing out “Why do they even call it music television?” That joke hasn’t been funny for years.

So let’s say that MTV actually did keep the format of music videos all day every day. How many people do you know would watch that? I can tell you with complete certainty that even if they went back to that format, I would still change the channel any time a Maroon 5 video came on.

Sorry your attempt to save your “career” didn’t work out on Saturday, Mr. Levine. You aren’t the only celebrity taking the easy way out.

I miss the old days when sex tapes were the most popular way to get cheap publicity. Hugh Hefner has been up to the same shenanigans as Levine. That’s right, Hefner has a Twitter.

If you weren’t aware (and if you were, stop reading my articles) Hefner’s next-in-line wife Crystal Harris called off their wedding.

And as you all should know, the news of that is pointless to us. Apparently, Hefner didn’t feel the public cared enough about the news, so he did what any self-respecting C-List celebrity would do and decided to insult his ex-fiancée on Twitter.

Hefner said that he “missed a bullet” by not marrying Harris. To which Harris retaliated by making fun of Hefner’s stamina in bed. One has to stoop pretty low to comment on how a 500-year-old man performs in bed, but her morals were likely lost some time during the relationship anyway.

Maybe the reason this annoys me is because I could post some really degrading things to celebrities on Twitter (and I do), and it doesn’t get me all over the national news. But if I were once on a reality show, it would blast me into the spotlight. I guess we’ll call it an even trade.