KSU students are here to stay

SKS staff

As reported in a separate story this issue, Marc Kirby and Cassandra Pegg-Kirby of High Street are filing a suit against the city because the housing complex Edwards Communities is building on South Lincoln Street.

The couple claims the complex will lower the property value of their home and their entire neighborhood. Edwards Communities claims the complex is required because of the increasing number of Kent State students coming to the city.

The Kirbys are upset with Edwards Communities, which is doing a service to students. Using the transitive property, it seems they’re upset that so many students are coming to the city. That may or may not be the case, but if so, we’ve got an issue here.

The city of Kent doubles in size when students are here during the academic school year. We’re a huge source of income for the university, the city of Kent and local businesses. We’re going to school here – we’ve got just as much of a reason to live here as anybody else.

The couple has been here since 2000, so they’ve been able to see the rising number of students attending the university. It’s obvious that more housing would be needed if the number of students attending Kent State continues to increase.

Even if the complex wasn’t being built near the Kirbys’ home, it would just be another Kent resident or another neighborhood that was going to “have its property value diminished.” It doesn’t make much sense to complain about something that’s going to bring more money to a city in times like these.

And let’s face it: If there are more off-campus residence areas for students, then there’s going to be more off-campus business in the area. We’re not economists, but it seems to us that we bring a greater value to the city as a whole.

If you’re not happy with more housing accommodations for students, pray tell why you’re still living in a college town. We’re all ears.