Opinion: People for the ethical treatment of GoDaddy



Dylan Lusk

Dylan Lusk

Dylan Lusk is a sophomore electronic media production major and a columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected]

For those of you who don’t know, GoDaddy is a web hosting company that manages more than 40 million dollars. You may have seen its racy advertisements over the years and questioned the company yourself.

The company has faced a lot of controversy over its time, for things ranging from fining its customers to finding Danica Patrick attractive.

But the company is facing a new controversy. On March 14, GoDaddy’s CEO Bob Parsons posted a hunting video on his Twitter account of him shooting an elephant that had been troubling a village in Zimbabwe.

A quick glance through Parsons’ previous tweets shows that he does not typically post anything offensive. They are usually good-natured tweets such as “”At the Lady GaGa concert in Phoenix. Awesome!!!!”

But Parsons couldn’t resist showing off how he had helped this Zimbabwe village, which caught the attention of everyone’s favorite activist group, PETA.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, is an animal rights group based out of Norfolk, Virginia. It is the largest animal rights group in the world.

PETA has always been known for its offensive approach to protests and ads. The group has been known to compare animal treatment to slavery, cannibalism and the holocaust. These comparisons have been graphically displayed in their ads. They are also known for childishly throwing paint and pies at people who “mistreat” animals.

As I’m sure you guessed, the pie throwing is not very successful.

Parsons has publically explained his elephant hunting video. A village in Zimbabwe had its crops destroyed by roaming elephants and was at threat for starvation.

Parsons had killed a mature bull elephant in order to help out the local famers and give the village food to live off of. This was the fifth occasion that he had done this in Zimbabwe.

PETA however, reacted how it usually does, by not listening and insulting Parsons. PETA said Parsons was “acting like a little boy with a gun.” PETA then gave Parsons the prestigious award of “Scummiest CEO of the Year.” That’s a pretty impressive award to receive this early in the year.

PETA is also boycotting GoDaddy, a move that the company has stated to have no major change in business.

So should Parsons even listen to PETA? Any little bit of research will show you that PETA treats animals worse than Parsons did, as well as many groups they have targeted. They are a very corrupt and hypocritical group that thrives on shock value. They focus on the less important issues in animal treatment. Being an avid hunter doesn’t make me biased against PETA, I just think they’re idiots.

What Parsons did was perfectly justified; PETA just loves the controversy. They can’t change anything about the situation now other than raise awareness, which they aren’t doing. If a group’s true concern were animal treatment, they would take a different approach than childish name-calling to Parsons situation.