Opinion: Be bold in your time at Kent State

Ashley Sepanski

I hate the phrase “test the waters.” Not because it’s a bad phrase necessarily, but because it represents wasted time.

Sure, there are times when testing the waters is certainly appropriate; checking out a college or grad school, taking a small bite of food before ordering an entire meal, literally sticking a toe in water to check how cold it is. But let’s be honest — life is far too short to waste your time “testing” or “feeling” things out. What happened to gutsy, balls-to-the-walls courage? Why is it OK to constantly compromise instead of actually picking something with a little confidence? Where did chivalry go?

I think it’s time for people to button up their man suits. Looking back at these lovely years at Kent State, I realize I tiptoed around a lot of things I should have faced head on. Hell, I’m a journalism major who didn’t get involved with student media until I was a junior. Why? Because I wanted to “test the waters.”

So unto all ye good people, I say: Rational, thorough decision-making can be an excellent substitute for a test drive. Feel free to disagree, but I hope that as these weeks of spring semester come to a close, you will take it upon yourself to be risky. Be bold. Get daring. It’s time to bring gumption back into style.

You’ve been told before that grade school will fly by you. So will high school. So will college. Wherever you choose to direct your efforts and wherever you end up when college is all said and done, carpe diem the shit out of your time here. And if it’s not a carpe diem kind of day, then sit back and enjoy the fruits of being active in your own life.

Then go get a beer on a Tuesday.