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Jody Michael

Jody Michael

Jody Michael is a sophomore broadcast journalism major and columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected]

Earlier this semester, I wrote a column criticizing students for deciding Subway should replace the Quiznos in the Student Center. Fellow student Zach Long posted a comment to that column on Kentwired.com. He presented some good opposing arguments but added this:

“Also, pointing fingers at your own readers isn’t going to provide you with much of a loyal following. Maybe if I agreed with you in any way, shape, or form it would be OK to vilify students, but I don’t.”

Actually, I did not become a columnist to be a “voice for the students.” I became a columnist to bring attention to problems — any problems. If one of my columns hurts some students’ feelings, then too bad.

Nobody should be shielded from criticism. If someone makes a bad decision, that person must anticipate disagreement, no matter whom he or she is. Freedom of speech does not mean nobody may have a different opinion than you do.

I deserve to have people judge my columns, too. To show I welcome your comments, I have some others to share.

When I wrote an open letter wishing former men’s basketball coach Geno Ford good riddance, S.K. commented, “To say ‘you are the scum of the earth’ in this column is a bit harsh.” G.D. wrote, “The façade of amateurism that is put forth by the NCAA and many of its member institutions is a false one. The sooner you recognize that, the sooner you’ll realize why Geno Ford did what he did.”

I do regret saying Ford is the scum of the earth. That is a reserved spot for Adolf Hitler, Muammar Gaddafi and murderous dictators.

I also am well aware that the NCAA has a false “façade of amateurism.” However, that does not mean everyone must submit to the NCAA’s profit-driven motives. I hate that Ford and other coaches leave a successful school merely because a $300,000 salary is not enough. I feel it is within reason to disparage Ford for his dishonesty and disloyalty.

In another column, I was angry that the architecture studio in the M.A.C. Center annex does not provide enough chairs for every student. One of my points was that Kent State can somehow afford to give president Lester Lefton a $97,470 bonus this summer but cannot afford chairs. This did not please a commenter named Mark:

“Ah, the typical blame Lester Lefton quote. You do realize his salary represents 1/1000th of the budget. So if you would like to cut his salary in half, congratulations, you saved Kent State 1/2000th of their budget.”

Mark, we only need several more chairs for these architecture students to have enough. That would be an even tinier percentage of the budget than Lefton’s salary is. You are telling me that Lefton having a bonus is more important than students having chairs. Think about that.

Keep the comments coming, everyone. I really appreciate that you read the Daily Kent Stater.