Opinion: Major League beatdown



Dylan Lusk

The entire league has showed great support for Stow and his family through this struggle, but it doesn’t change the clear problem here. Major League Baseball is slowly becoming crime infested.

For a sport that includes stealing bases and robbing home runs, one would think the only crime would be irony and terrible jokes. But these situations seem to be getting worse each year. The biggest problems used to be streakers and female fertility drugs.

These crimes are completely unjustified. Rivalries are meant to stay on the field. I absolutely loathe every team other than my home team, but I don’t go busting skulls when I see someone wearing a rival team’s hat. Not just because it’s completely unreasonable, but it wouldn’t even make sense when half of the people wearing a baseball hat do it because said team’s colors match their shoes.

It’s a sad day when Americans can’t enjoy the national pastime (and yes, it is the national pastime) without getting drunk and kicking some teeth in. If this kind of behavior keeps up the only upside to baseball season will be the drunks getting out of the house and beating up someone other than their wives.

It will take some time before this country realizes what behavior like this does. And there will always be some idiots getting drunk and causing problems for everyone. This is a problem that people need to use some common sense to fix.

Save the crime for the NFL locker room.