Our View: College students are not invincible

DKS Editors

Young people all over can learn a lesson from the two Kent State students who were arrested for ordering fake IDs from China.

The two students thought it was a simple scheme: order the IDs, and possibly sell them in Kent. What could go wrong?

Well, U.S. Customs agents seized the cards, and the students were arrested. It seems like a remedial arrest, but the two face multiple counts that are felonies in the state of Ohio.

Drew Patenaude and Antonio Bucca could possibly face jail time and a black mark on their record that could end up costing them a job.

College students have a sense of entitlement and believe they are invincible. The idea of “we’ll never get caught” may cost them their future.

The idea is not limited to ordering fake IDs across U.S. borders.

Fistfights break out in the city of Kent on a weekly basis. Two kids end up fighting over who looked at them the wrong way, or who bumped into them at the bar.

All it takes is one punch to kill someone. One false move, and you can send the other person to the concrete.

It has happened too many times to count. Students think that getting into a fight is a great idea and that they had no choice.

Try facing a life sentence for murder over who spilled your beer.

This is what it has come down to, but while Kent State students defend or judge Patenaude and Bucca for their actions, take the time to learn a valuable lesson from this.

No one is immune to the law.

You can end up jeopardizing your future over drinking a few months before your 21st birthday.

Is that really worth it?