Opinion: To the Freethinkers: Tolerance is key

Nick Glunt

In one of my previous columns, I commented on how the Freethinkers need to stop performing such negative acts because it just makes us atheists so much less trustable.

So when I logged onto KentWired.com to see another rant from the Freethinkers, I was very disappointed. I had thought my previous column hadn’t inspired anything in them by reading their posts on their Facebook group. It was confirmed when I heard about their PARTA bus signs reading “Imagine No Religion.”

Now, conversation needs to happen about religion. Just like conversation needs to happen about politics and any other social principle. But demeaning other religions, like in these passive-aggressive signs, just generates even more distrust in atheists as an entire minority group.

My main problem with the Freethinkers is that they’re constantly complaining that everyone who comments on their behavior is close-minded and intolerant. They never miss an opportunity to throw in their two cents. And whenever they respond, it’s with negativity.

In my opinion, the Freethinkers aren’t as open-minded and victimized as they make themselves seem. They’re just as close-minded and intolerant as their so-called predators. And frankly, I’m really tired of hearing about all their negativity.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Atheists need to be tolerant just as much as other religions need to be. So please, Freethinkers, keep an open mind. Respect the beliefs of others and hopefully they’ll respect yours. If they don’t, then you’ve got the right to complain.

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