Weekend fight occurs at Campus Pointe

Julie Sickel

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Editor’s note: This story has been updated to reflect the correct time the fight took place.

A fight involving a group of women broke out between 2 a.m. and 2:10 a.m. Sunday morning at Campus Pointe apartments, according to witnesses.

A Portage County Sheriff Department dispatcher said to her knowledge no arrests had been made in connection with the fight, and no one from the sheriff’s department was available to comment Sunday.

Witnesses said three women were walking in the breezeway between apartments 1835 and 1837 when the women shouted to attendees of a party near the west end of the 1835 apartment block.

Soon after, witnesses said some women from the party came out and began fighting with the women who were shouting.

“There were like three girls yelling and running back and forth, and then I went back to bed. I thought everything was over,” a male witness said.

The witness said he looked out again later to see people punching each other.

“It probably only lasted a few minutes,” he said. “I was already asleep again when I heard a cop car.”

The male witness pointed out a disturbed patch of snow near the 1837 side of the breezeway where most of the fighting occurred.

A second witness, who resides at the east end of 1835, said she watched the fight play out from her window.

“I just saw a bunch of girls fighting and beating each other up,” she said. “There were like 20 guys standing around just watching them.”

Multiple attempts to contact managers at Campus Pointe about the fight were unsuccessful.

This is the second fight to occur at Campus Pointe within six months. A fight involving about 40 people occurred at the apartment complex Sept. 26, 2010, and five people were cited with disorderly conduct, three of which were Kent State basketball players.

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