Our View: Indian Recruitment Center to bring culture, cash to KSU

DKS Editors

Kent State recently announced that it will build a recruitment center in India. This new addition will be a great cultural outreach for the university, further raising its status as a top international university.

With around 1.3 billion people living in India, there is a huge market for culturally diverse and intelligent students. There are more English speakers in India than in the United States, one of the many reasons why President Lefton thinks the creation of a recruitment center is a great idea. The university has already done a great job drawing culturally diverse students to Kent from countries all over the world. Walking down the esplanade, one can see students from a handful of races and countries strolling to class. There can never be too much diversity on this campus. With the creation of an Indian recruiting center, the percentage of international students will rise even more.

There is so much American students can learn from international students. Many cultures all over the world are incredibly different from our own, and in the midst of our busy, technology-filled lives, students tend to forget that. The cultures of the world have so much to offer, including new and interesting foods, styles, religions and most importantly, knowledge.

Money is on the minds of faculty and students all over the university. A new recruitment facility in India would bring in countless new students and income into the university.

The creation of a Kent State facility in India will offer interesting opportunities for American students as well. Current students enrolled in the fashion, business or CCI programs will have the opportunity to spend a semester in India to pursue their degrees. Studying abroad, especially in a country so diverse and different as India, is the chance of a lifetime for students.

The above editorial is the consensus opinion of the Daily Kent State editorial board.