Campus safety

The college experience marks the beginning of a transition into living on your own. Many freshmen have never experienced the benefits and drawbacks of living by themselves prior to moving in and beginning college. While this is all new and exciting, students still want to feel safe when they are walking through Kent State’s campus and the neighboring areas including downtown Kent.

The Kent State University Police Services and the Kent Police Department are the officers tasked with ensuring Kent State students and Kent residents are safe. The Kent PD and KSUPS collaborate together to provide safety to students and families living, visiting and attending school at Kent State. If you wish to contact the KSUPS, they can be reached at their non-emergency phone number (330) 672-3070.

Another resource available to students are the emergency blue lights located around campus for students to quickly call for emergency assistance.

Students can automatically call 9-1-1 when they push the red button available on blue lights panels. Students can also go to their RAs and ask any safety questions they may have.

In collaboration with KSUPS, the university offers security aides for students. Security aides have been protecting students around campus since 1973. There are more than 50 students who complete 100 hours of training before doing their rounds. Students can contact Campus Security for campus escorts by calling 27004 on any campus phone or at (330) 672-7004.