Reporter has change of heart about golf, cross country

Brad Tansey

When I was told my beat this semester would be cross country and golf, I didn’t know what to expect.

I’ve never dealt with either of these sports, and I never really cared too much about them. But when I went to a cross country practice in early September, I realized just how hard these athletes work.

I learned cross country isn’t just about running a lot of miles. There is actually a lot of strategy involved.

As for golf, I was clueless going into this semester. When I sat down and met Herb Page, Kent State men’s golf coach, he explained how the game works, and he was willing to help me learn more about it.

After the fall season was over, I came away with a better understanding of golf and am confident in my understanding of how the game works.

For next semester, I’m stepping away from the sports staff to be the managing editor of KentWired. I’ll still be around doing some live blogs for home games, but I’m eager to come back to the sports staff next fall and learn some more.

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