Cheers and Jeers for Wednesday, December 1

Cheers to Cyber Monday, Black Friday’s shopping-crazed sister. Low prices are great in store, but even better on the Web.

Cheers to the official start of the Holiday Season. Now that Thanksgiving is over, we don’t have to cringe every time we see Christmas lights.

Cheers to the failed student-fee proposal. The proposal was going to charge students $24 per credit hour by 2016 to pay for campus renovations.

Jeers to the final stretch of the semester. Two weeks of classes and one week of exams separates us from winter break relaxation.

Jeers to the core class reduction proposal. Reducing the number of available core classes to make transferring easier for other students is a good thing, but what about the rest of us?

Jeers to the status of the potential May 4 congressional hearing. Some people are sick of hearing about it, but it’s a part of Kent State. We should know what really happened.