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Not all elections parties had the same chaotic atmosphere this Tuesday.

Local republicans stayed pretty mellow during their gathering at a local restaurant.

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VO: Kent republicans held back their nerves and excitement as they gathered for election night.

VO: Over twenty republicans stopped in to Kent’s hometown Italian restaurant Belleria.

VO: It was a cozy setting where friends met to get a hot meal and patiently wait for election results.

VO: Local candidates including Roak Zeller and Tommie Jo Marsilio came to visit with the group.

VO: Todd McKenney, a state representative candidate, felt the build-up of Election Day finally dwindle down.

SOT Todd McKenney: “It was a real relief when the polls closed just because you knew it was really over and all you could do was wait for results.”

Stand-up: “Local candidates weren’t the only ones starting to feel the heat Tuesday night. Folks here at Belleria could hardly wait for the election’s outcome.”

SOT Jeneen Kubala: “I think this has been long awaited and this is the day. This is the day that we will see and know where we are at in Portage County.”

VO: President of the Portage County Republican Women’s Club Jeneen Kubala felt confident republicans would win offices in the county.

VO: A group of Kent State’s College republicans stayed glued to fox news as they sipped drinks from the bar.

VO: Between eating plates of pasta and pizza, Kent’s republicans checked out election results.

SOT Jeneen Kubala

VO: For Tv2 News, I’m Demi Heiks


I think this was a cute little election piece. It wasn’t hard news, but it gave insight to what election night was like for one group of people. I think the sleepy, slow feel worked because that is what I was trying to show in the story. Sometime my b-roll is interesting, but there were many times when it wasn’t. The SOTs were not as powerful as I would have liked them to be.