I was Clark Kent

Patrick St. Pierre

It was Sunday afternoon in Massillon, and the heroes were out saving the world from high priced comic books. I was on the scene in my nicely ironed black pants, my light blue button up and my brilliant red tie covering the event as Clark Kent of the Daily Planet. I walked the floor gathering quotes in true red and blue fashion—the Superman shield underneath waiting for the buttons to burst.

Upon my arrival, I was greeted by Zatanna, the mistress of magic, and Nekron, the lord of the dead. They were, of course, battling it out in an exchange of verbal wit that Geoff Johns himself couldn’t write. Superboy was combing through the dollar books, and Superman Earth-2 was drawing sketches in the corner next to Wonder Woman. It was a Justice League gathering like none that had come before. The Pirate Batman and his Pirate gal had Lincoln Way Pizza, Pizza Palace and Subway for the founding members to munch on as they perused the stories that had been written about their characters.

Halloween brings friends together in a way that most holidays cannot. It allows them to dress up in the truest visions of their imaginations. I saw a man walking tall in the boots of Arnold Schwarzenegger in a stirring interpretation of the Terminator. I saw a man under the shadows as the Shadow Demon. I even saw the Jedi Anakin Skywalker before he went all dark side. Halloween is a time for friends. It is a time for parties.

I don’t put much stock in those that view Halloween as some kind of devil-worshipping holiday because that’s just simply not what it is. It’s a time to be who or what ever you want without limitation or inhibition. I found my Halloween at Heroic Adventures Comics. Where did you find yours?

Patrick St. Pierre is a senior psychology and English major and a columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected].