Letter to the editor: Sex issue failed to mention dangers

Karen Barrett

Dear Editors of the Daily Kent Stater,

When students visit Sextoberfest on Oct. 29, I hope someone from the Environmental Protection Agency will be on hand. Reasons will follow, but first a brief comment on the recent Daily Kent Stater issue that featured a theme of “sex for fun.” Not that sex shouldn’t be fun, but unless the insert was intended to be only fluff, the glaring omission of any inclusion of epidemic STDs on college campuses would seem irresponsible.

Condom use will not protect at all against the many new and varied strains of HPVs.

Chlamydia is epidemic in young women and often without symptoms. These essential facts were painfully absent in the insert and not a word was written on “sexual integrity” and “abstinence,” or has this become the new sexual taboo?

Regarding the opening remark on environmental impact — it is ironic and a conundrum

that young advocates for a greener world seem to be so unaware of the side effects of their behavior, especially with routine use of contraceptives. Google “fish feminization” and discover the world of rampant deformities in our waterways due to contaminated run-off from birth control chemicals. These chemicals are severely disfiguring fish in our rivers. The real concern to all of us though should be what these contraceptives are doing to women’s health! The bright flashing neon lights are ignored while the exquisite human body and our life-giving waters are being tragically altered. It seems humankind working to undo God’s Grand Design has ramifications for us all.

Karen Barrett