Taste-testing: The good food guide to Kent State

Allison Brookes


Eastway Café, located on the second floor of the Eastway Complex, has a variety of foods to choose from. If you’re looking for comfort food, go to “home-style night.” Eastway also has vegan and vegetarian options such as a salad bar, as well as hot sandwiches and bakery items. Eastway will also have theme nights throughout the semester. Check the dining service website for the fall calendar.

Eastway Deli, located on the first floor, has grocery items for sale including international food and Ohio-made products. Eastway Deli also has sushi and vegetarian products.


The Prentice Café, located in Prentice Hall, has a variety of food from home-style breakfast to sushi and tacos. Prentice café also offers vegan and vegetarian food. To place a vegan or vegetarian order, call 330-672-2687, but allow 60 minutes for prep time. Munchies, a late night convenient store, is also located in Prentice Hall.


There are several options both on and off campus to get your daily dose of caffeine. If you’re on campus, Jazzman’s coffee is located in several buildings.

• Bottom of the Student Center

• First floor in the library

• First floor in Oscar Ritchie Hall

• First floor of Eastway Complex

• The Michael Schwartz Center

Einstein’s Bagels in the Student Center and The Delta Sig Café located on the second floor of the business building also have coffee.

If you’re off campus, Starbucks, Scribbles and McDonald’s are other options.


Rosie’s Diner and Rations, located in the tri-towers rotunda, is open 24/7. Rosie’s offers made-to-order food and has a selection of vegetarian food. The Rations part of Rosie’s has gluten-free, organic and vegetarian food.

Rosie’s will also deliver pizza, subs and salads to your dorm from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m.


The first floor of the student center, known as the “HUB,” offers a number of options for students. From stir-fry at Jump!, to ice cream at Ambrosia and funnel cakes at Nathan’s, you’re sure to find something to satisfy your hunger.

The basement of the student center features the Rathskellar, where you can eat pub-style food, and Pete’s Arena where you can get pizza. Late night events also take place here.

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