It is as simple as that

Anastasia Spytsya

We are still not done arguing over the health care reform. We still cannot get over either negative or positive euphoria. Republicans scream it’s too expensive and we cannot afford it. Democrats don’t care about the financial situation; they just had to pass something so November will look a little better for them.

Whether I agree with the reform or not, it is a serious matter.

People are protesting the reform without even understanding that billions of their dollars are wasted on stuff I think is absolutely unnecessary (unlike affordable medical coverage).

The federal government spent $423,500 to find out why males don’t like to wear condoms (that’s at least 170 medical insurances right there). I am sorry, but right now, in the middle of economic recession when millions are unemployed, I couldn’t care less to know why men don’t like condoms. What is it going to change?

Our government also would like to know why we do not ride bikes to work. Moreover, the government is ready to spend $1 million to find out the answer. Should I give you my bank account number, dear federal government? Because I am about to answer that question for you right now.

I am not about to contribute to the argument whether animals are or are not humans that my fellow columnists have had, but man, I would like to see the federal government spend $1.2 million on uninsured Americans and instead of studying the breeding habits of the woodchuck.

In January, the government decided to spend $1 billion to build a new American embassy in London. London is pretty enough without a new crystal building “sponsored” by American taxpayers. The American government could have covered at least 400,000 uninsured Americans.

And the list can go on, and on and on.

What sucks, is that this is our money. It is our money that we worked very hard for. And then someone else gets to decide how to waste it. It really blows my mind away when I read the “excuses” for such spending. And more over, all these politicians sound so damn serious about it. Fools. For real, our government is having a serious lack of common sense.

Apparently, the government thinks that if we know what makes men hate using condoms, we might be able to invest more money into new types of condoms, or any type of protection, that will be more pleasing to men. And that will resolve all issues that sex causes because men will want to use protection. Can I just say, “WTF? SMH.”

The government is now responsible for 32 million uninsured Americans, and yet politicians waste money on something that will change absolutely nothing. I don’t know if they understand what is really up in the country.

The logic is simple: Dear federal government, the dollars you waste are our money. You need to spend our money on us or on research that will directly affect us. You need to take care of people whose lives are at risk and who don’t have money to pay for treatment in the first place, and stop worrying about making men’s sexual lives more pleasant. You need to understand that a human life is a priority. And if you don’t understand this common sense, you’re just plain “stoopid.” Get your priorities straight.

If you, federal government, had some common sense, we probably would have had at least some money to pay for the reform, instead of making up billions of dollars from nowhere (or borrowing the money from the Chinese, for that matter).

And I am not just specifically talking about the health care reform — it was just an example. It’s about every single damn bill they pass that doesn’t affect us.

Anastasia Spytsya is a senior Russian

translation major and political science minor

and columnist for the Daily Kent Stater.

Contact her at [email protected].