Fix the problem within and throughout

DKS Editors

Catholicism’s largest religious celebration occurred yesterday, and we hope everyone out there enjoyed the day very much. We also hope it wasn’t overshadowed by the recent sexual abuse scandals.

Every religion has its dark points to match its light points. Although plenty of Catholics are very giving individuals, there are bad seeds in every bunch. The problem is, that bad seed was enabled by his superiors. Now this deceased priest and those who brushed his problem aside are giving the rest of the church a bad rap.

What the Rev. Lawrence C. Murphy did to possibly more than 200 blind young boys is inexcusable. No one has the right to ignore the scandal and allow him to keep his robes merely because he repented. Oftentimes sexual abusers have serious diseases that will not merely go away just by apologizing.

Those on levels above Murphy, all the way up to those at the Vatican, owe many people a very big apology. Not just the young boys (now grown men) who were abused by Murphy, but also to Catholics across the world and any person who was ever sexually abused by anyone. This is a serious problem in many cultures and one that the church should realize and acknowledge.

The Catholic church takes up many causes and tackles plenty of global issues. Perhaps pedophilia should be the next cause the church should take on. Not only would it give the church a good name to help solve a problem some of their own members struggle with, it could also make a big difference in many people’s lives.

Maybe allowing priests to marry would help. Maybe changing its stance on homosexuality would help. Maybe allowing nuns to be a part of such conversations would help. No matter what the solution would become, there needs to be a discussion on the part of the church. And it needs to happen sooner or later.

The Catholic church has done many great things, as have other religions. But as with any group of people, religious or otherwise, there will be some that do not give the organization a good name. But it is not too late for the Catholics to make things right not only within the church, but on a more global scale as well.

The above editorial is the consensus opinion of the Daily Kent Stater editorial board.