Animals are just as important as humans

In response to Frank Yonkof’s column, “Humans always come before animals” (March 1).

You, sir, are a conceited fool. Obviously you have never spent any time around the animals that you deem as inferior, because if you had, you would know that the levels of caring and sentience that they possess are real and beautiful.

People like you think that humans are superior to every other living being. You cut down the rain forest, deplete the ozone layer and have no problem with the animals you eat being butchered alive.

In your article, you talked about the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals commercial featuring Sarah McLaughlin’s song. What is wrong with your brain that you can’t look at a puppy covered in dirt and scars because someone decided he wasn’t important? Have you ever even held a puppy, felt the unbelievable joy of that contact? I guess not.

Humans are advanced, yes. We found ways to exploit our environment in ways no other species has, evolving into intelligent masters of our habitat. But this does not make us special. You, sir, are an animal too, whether you like it or not.

Humanity’s self-centeredness causes all of its own problems. We’re raping the planet of its resources because we want to and we can. Because “humans are special,” the world is disgustingly over-populated. Obviously, I don’t mean I want people to die, but if there were fewer people, poverty and hunger would not exist. Then you wouldn’t even need to donate your money to soup kitchens, anyway.

Humans can fight for their rights. They can speak. They can get jobs. Surely, some people cannot, and they do deserve help. But no animal can save itself. Animals are capable of the same love and compassion we are and deserve to live and be loved back.

Take a look at the book “The Emotional Lives of Animals,” and maybe try thinking about everyone who needs help, not just the ones who walk on two legs.