We’re back!

Spring semester can be kind of a bummer. For starters, calling it “spring” is a pretty big joke when for the bulk of the semester Kent seems to be under a heavy, ugly blanket of snow. And you can hardly walk down the road without slipping and falling.

But you’ve got to look at it differently. You’ve got to look at this new semester as a fresh start. The semester that starts with the new year.

And now we have even more to look forward to: This semester is the official start of Kent State’s centennial year. The 40th anniversary of the May 4 incident also occurs this semester, and although it’s not the most upbeat anniversary, it is still a reason to celebrate peace.

We have just started the second decade in a new millennium. Ten years ago some of us were embarking on a new semester in middle school or grade school — but look at us now. We’ve learned a lot in our educations (both formal and informal) in the past decade and that in and of itself is reason to celebrate.

We assume you all probably have your New Year’s resolutions picked out by now (and many of you have probably already broken them), but it’s not too late to make a “decalution” — you know, resolutions for the new decade. Ten years is a long time to get something accomplished, so shoot big. Why not?

Our resolution here at the editorial board this semester (we’ll call it our “semesalution”) is to bring you well-researched arguments about things that affect you. This way you can, in turn, make your own decisions about the topic. We want to hear from you as well and find out what you think — good and bad, we accept it all.

So have a great semester, whether this is your first, second, third or last. We hope you make it to class (most of the time) and do well on your homework and tests.

And we especially hope you keep reading and keep writing. We’ll talk to you all soon.

The above editorial is the consensus opinion of the Daily Kent Stater editorial board.