Campus parking lots to remain open Saturday

Stacey Carmany

Parking Services will open campus lots for downtown Kent’s annual Halloween party Saturday. Parking will be available in the Rockwell, White Hall and C-Midway lots and will be free for permit holders. The cost will be $5 for visitors without a permit.

Parking Services Manager Larry Emling said Kent State offered campus parking for the event for the first time last year.

“The response was very positive,” Emling said. “Visitors were happy to find a place to park.”

Attendants will be posted to collect money and monitor the lots.

“Overall, it provides for a little more secure environment,” Emling said.

Emling said cars should be out by 3 a.m., but emphasized that, if someone needs to park overnight, it wouldn’t be a problem.

– Stacey Carmany