ACPB’s Battle of the Bands third round of semifinals tonight

Denver Collins

The All-Campus Programming Board is sponsoring the third round of semifinals for this year’s Battle of the Bands tonight at 8 p.m. in the Rathskeller. The winners will go to the final round on April 16, where they will battle for the chance to play at FlashFest on April 24.

The four rounds are split into genres: rock, indie/punk, rock/alternative and alternative, ACPB President Colleen Burch said.

The separation of the genres gives bands a chance to exhibit their music to audience members with similar tastes. Earth Bound won the rock category March 12 and The Singular won indie/punk two weeks later.

“I was surprised by Earth Bound,” Burch said. “They were all good individually, and playing together they sounded solid. It just flowed.”

This round will feature bands in the rock/alternative genre. First up is Apogee, followed by Path of the Wicked, Attic Dreams and Lord Backwash, Burch said.

Burch said a judging panel will decide the winner, but the decision is heavily based on crowd reaction.

“So you should come out and support the band you want to win,” she said.

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