Kent State students to get new ID numbers

Sarah McGrath


Credit: DKS Editors

Kent State is implementing a new student identification number and database system to help keep students safe from identity theft.

In October, the university will issue each student a new identification number, called a banner ID, to stop the use of social security numbers to identify students.

“Almost everybody has become very sensitive to social security numbers being exposed,” said Roberta Sikula-Schwalm, Information Services executive director of Enterprise Resource Planning Implementation. “The minute people where able to access information on the Internet, there were instances of fraud.”

But even after the banner ID takes effect, students will still have to use social security numbers for financial aid and university employment.

Sikula-Schwalm said students will be able to see their new banner ID when they log onto their FlashLine accounts. The University Registrar’s office will send students more information about the banner ID prior to its October issue date.

In addition to the banner ID, the university is switching to a new database system, called Enterprise Resource Planning. This system uses only one database to connect all the departments together, rather than using different databases with student information for each department as the old system did.

“This new system puts us in an environment where we can much more quickly integrate new software to the system,” said Sikula-Schwalm. “It allows us to be more flexible to implement new services.”

However, the new identification number and the new computer database system are not the only changes and upgrades that will be put in place by this project. Web for Students, an area of FlashLine where students can schedule classes, among other things, will get an upgrade, too.

Web for Students will be known as Banner Self Service and will be available to students at all times rather than just until midnight.

The entire project, which has been in progress since January 2006, will cost the university $23 million. It is projected to be complete by June 2008.

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