Best of Kent: residence halls


Kent State students fill the new gym inside of Tri-Towers at the opening on Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2017. An addition to the Recreation and Wellness Center on the other side of campus, this new facility will make working out more convenient for students.


With three different residence halls, four if you’re including all of the Korb Hall residents getting their mail, Tri Towers was voted the best residence hall on campus. With an in-house recreation center, a dining location, small market and large laundry room, there’s not much more students living on campus could ask for. 

Tri-Towers grad assistant Blaire Thompson said that she’s excited to see that they won this award, but did not come as a surprise. 

“I think Tri Towers is an engaging and dynamic area for residents to be in, especially for our first year freshman residence,” Thompson said. “We do a lot of work here so that they feel safe, they find this space and there is always something for them to do or someone for them to turn to. So I am not surprised that we got best residence hall.”


Centennial Courts are located on the outskirts of campus, but this should not deter students from appreciating the amenities they have to offer. Whether they’re in CCA, CCC or CCF, there are a wide range of room plans and opportunities to go along with them.

“You have these really amazing rooms with all these awesome accommodations,” said Chelsea Knarr, the residence hall director of Centennial Court A. “Then there’s also the sense of community, a variety of first-year students that come up to seniors so you could see a lot of different people.”

Centennials offer single, double and triple rooms with private bathrooms, something many students look forward to. Knarr said the healthy balance of community and privacy is what appeals most to the students.


Eastway is the typical freshman dorm, people around every corner, maximum security out of all of the halls and two dining locations. It’s the dream residence hall for parents and their college kids. 

Each dorm in Eastway: Clark, Allyn, Manchester and Fletcher, all have their own locked entrances in addition to the ones outside of the building, in the elevator and on individual floors. There’s also Eastway dining hall as well as Boar’s Head and the Eastway Market students can look forward to.

Along with the security and food amenities, it’s also the perfect distance between wanting to be a little off-campus, but close enough to where no walk is too painful.

Kaitlyn is the photo editor. You can reach her at [email protected].