Best of Kent: Study Spaces

Students study on the fourth floor of the University Library on Friday, April 7, 2017. FILE.

Best of Kent 2020

Winner: University Library

For the eighth year in a row, University Library is a favorite for studying. It hosts a variety of resources for students, including computer labs, study spaces and a Starbucks. Cynthia Williams, director of marketing, communications and personal relations for University Library, said there are a number of different resources students can take advantage of. 

“We want people to take advantage of the resources,” Williams said. “We just feel like they’re here for you, and they will make a difference in your academic career.” 

University Library has a number of different study environments for students, including the quiet eighth floor, a group study space on the seventh floor and a more noisy fourth floor. Williams said University Library works with different departments on campus to make the space as beneficial and accommodating for students. 

“We strive to work with the other departments on campus, such as Dining Services, who have a Starbucks located on the first floor,” Williams said. “We also have… One Stop for student services, and Student Accessibility Services… and the Writing Commons.”

Second: Tree City Coffee & Pastry

Right in the heart of downtown Kent, Tree City Coffee & Pastry continues to be a popular spot for students to study. Lauren Heroux, general manager of Tree City, said the owners conducted focus groups to find out what students wanted in a coffee shop, such as lots of outlets and chill music. 

Tree City has many different food and beverage options, including peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, breakfast sandwiches and many different types of espresso drinks. Heroux said people can stay at the shop as long as they like and stay open later during finals week to accomodate for the needs of their customers.  

“We have people that sit here all day and work on stuff and it’s great,” Heroux said. “We even offer discounted refills, if you just have a regular coffee or soda or something, it’s 75 cents for a refill on any regular coffee or soda.”

Third: Kent Free Library

Located on Main Street, Kent Free Library is a popular spot for students looking for quiet or group study spaces. Stacey Richardson, library director, said Kent Free Library is a place for everyone in the community. 

“We serve everyone in the community of Kent… Usually college students are comfortable using their public library from their home community… and we welcome everyone in our community, from all ages,” Richardson said. 

Richardson said patrons of Kent Free Library can bring their own drinks or snacks while doing their work. 

Molly Heideman is an assigning editor. Contact her at [email protected]