Student indicted on drug trafficking charges

Nate Stuart

Matthew Campitelli pleaded not guilty at his arraignment this morning to charges of drug trafficking.

Campitelli, freshman computer science major, was indicted this morning by a grand jury on fifth degree felony drug trafficking charges.

He is charged with three counts of trafficking marijuana with an exception to a fourth count and possessing criminal tools, according to a true bill filed by the grand jury today.

He has a criminal pre-trial set for June 21 and a criminal jury trial set for June 26. Until then, he will be under house arrest with the exception of attending classes and he will have to reside with his parents in Uniontown.

Campitelli was arrested with 181.2 grams of marijuana and $596 cash on Jan. 18. The arrest came after undercover agents allegedly purchased marijuana from Campitelli. He was arrested at his room in Humphrey Hall on Jan. 25 after the Portage County Drug Task Force obtained a search warrant.

He will be represented by attorney Angela D. Stone.

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