May 4 graphic novel release postponed until September


The cover of Derf Backderf’s graphic novel “Kent State: Four Dead In Ohio,” which will now release on Sept. 4. 

Derf Backderf’s newest graphic novel “Kent State: Four Dead in Ohio” has been postponed to be released later this year on Sept. 4 due to the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The new graphic novel by the “My Friend Dahmer” author was originally set to release on April 4, along with a book tour, a month before the 50th commemoration of May 4. 

On his Derfcity blog, Backderf addressed the postponed release and mentioned it was a decision both he and the publisher, Abrams ComicArts, thought would be best.  

“This was a difficult decision, since I very much wanted the book to be published in conjunction with the 50th commemoration of the Kent State Shootings on May 4,” Backderf wrote. “The coronavirus and unfolding events, obviously, have torched those plans. Abrams Books decided it would be better to wait, in the hope this crisis will ease over the summer, and the country can return to a semblance of normality. I completely agree. In fact, I pushed for this.”

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