PARTA emphasizes sanitation in midst of pandemic

Griffin White Reporter

Portage Area Regional Transportation Authority, a central part of transportation in Kent, spoke out about its efforts to ensure the health and safety of its passengers amid the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

With many members of the Kent community relying on PARTA for transportation, informing the public that its buses are clean is crucial for business.

“This is not the first time PARTA has had to address concerns about the potential threat of a communicable disease,” said PARTA general manager Claudia Amrhein. “We maintain an up-to-date Pandemic Plan.”

Denise Baba, PARTA communications and public advocacy advisor, ensured that PARTA is making every effort to keep its buses clean. Public areas of the Kent Central Gateway transit center and PARTA buses and facilities are thoroughly cleaned daily with hospital-grade disinfectant.

PARTA is also providing alcohol-based hand sanitizer, a commodity that is currently hard to find, on all of its buses and throughout its buildings.

PARTA said it is keeping in regular contact with state and federal networks monitoring trends in public transportation.

Griffin White is a transportation and safety reporter. Contact him at [email protected].