KIC votes in new leadership position

Bethy DeLong

A new voice is being welcomed to Kent Interhall Council, the programming committee for residence halls.

Junior education major Traci Sanders became vice president of programming and development for KIC Jan. 31. Sanders has many goals as the new vice president, including one very important goal she just accomplished.

“As the vice president I want to do a lot of community service activities. I want a lot of teams on the Relay for Life and involved in the Harvest for Hunger food drive,” Sanders said.

She also wants to have good speakers and keep traditional programs going.

“My main job as the vice president is to oversee programs below me. I want to make sure KIC puts on successful and educational programs. I want to give something back to the community and make sure we are volunteering,” Sanders said.

To run for the election, Sanders had to give a 10-minute speech and answer questions. Sanders said the election was very exciting.

KIC members Elyse Picchetti, Erin Stueve and Tabitha Renner all agreed Sanders was the best candidate for the position.

“She’s extremely qualified for the position. She has a high grade point average and a wonderful personality. She’s over the top,” said Stueve, a nursing major.

Sanders wanted to run for the position because she thought her experience could lead the rest of the members of KIC.

“I felt I was the most qualified for the position,” Sanders said.

She has served as president of Dunbar Hall, director of community development and director of programming for Kent Interhall Council.

“Basically, I just love to be involved. I feel I could take everyone underneath my wing and teach them their jobs,” Sanders said.

Renner, representative-at-large, is looking forward to working with Sanders.

“Sanders will do an outstanding job as she helps everyone come into the program. She brings a lot of life to KIC,” said Renner, a special education major.

Sanders’ main job this semester is to organize Lil’ Sibs Weekend. In the meantime, she has kept busy with other projects.

Sanders is also looking forward to eventually running for president of KIC.

“I am very excited about the activities this year. I would like to thank everyone who came and voted. I think this organization can really help people, and I’m glad to be a part of it,” Sanders said.

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